Sweet Vengeance

Sweet Vengeance Ebook


Lacey had always been seen as the unlucky, fat girl when she was growing up. “Chubs” was one of the nicknames her tormenters delighted in using. Over the years, she allowed their teasing to take hold. It ate away at her self-esteem and the way she felt about herself.
Until, Chase Hayes, the school rugby team captain and resident jock wooed her into believing she was beautiful. He allowed her to believe she was the only one for him and they would be together forever. But, like always, the luck of having him in her life ended when he made it clear, their relationship would only be acknowledged in secret.
He broke her heart, shattered her soul and she ate her way into depression.
Tanner Marshall, the school geek, stood by her during her darkest hours but he wasn’t enough and she refused to allow him into her life.
Years later, can he break down her walls and be the man she now wants? Has her luck turned around?


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